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How does Racism affect everyone in America?

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Oct 17

Lynching of Danye Jones

The purpose of this website is to merely give insight on america's racial climate. over time America has made a significant amount of progress in regards to change that is vastly effected by race,however,there is still an exceptional amount of work to be done. whether we want to accept the fact of the matter or not. america is still entirely too divided. the content embedded within this website, accurately depicts and displays information that needs to be discussed. this website not only focuses on the background of racism in america from many decades ago,  it also focuses on racism in america in modern times, leaders and icons, as well as media that accurately depict the conflict of today's society and the thought process of citizens in america. 

OCT 27

NOV 25


nov 20

Cindy Hyde-Smith and public hanging remark


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